VTKJS visualization output from LBT 1.5

Hi All,

I am wondering if the visualization output is available in all the recipes now or only for the select few?

I was also hoping that these visualization output (VTKJS file) would be available from running the recipes from the LBT 1.5 as well and not only running the recipe through pollination.

Is there a way of adding this functionality to the grasshopper tools?


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Hi @anujm1ttal, they should be available for all the recipes that are grid-based. That includes all the radiance-based recipes for daylight and sunlight studies as well as the recipes for thermal comfort. Is there a particular recipe that you are interested in and doesn’t have the visualization? Keep in mind that you should use the one with -viz tag to get the visualization.

That is unlikely that we port these functionalities to Ladybug Tools any time soon but you can run them from inside Grasshopper using the Pollination recipes.

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Thanks for response. I can see that the visualization from all the grid based ones which are available at the moment. I was wondering if we can also have one for Imageless Glare analysis.

I tried working out a method by following the instructions here

Now I am wondering if I can get the DGP data also mounted on the HBJSON file so that I can view the direct glare probability in the App by selecting the HOY in the app.


Hi @anujm1ttal! I replied to your other discussion. Let’s continue the conversation there.