Welcome to Pollination discourse forum!

Welcome to Pollination discourse forum! This forum is the best place to ask all your questions related to Pollination and its product and also find the answer to your questions!

To keep the forum organized we have created several categories. Posting your questions under the right category will ensure that the right people from our team will be notified and you will get a timely answer.

Here is a selected list of categories. For the complete list of categories see here.

#announcements: Make sure to follow the announcements here. We will announce the new features, product updates, monthly user meetup and more under #announcements category.

#grasshopper-plugin: Post all the questions related to Pollination Grasshopper plugin in this category. Note that the questions related to Ladybug Tools Grasshopper plugins should be posted to Ladybug Tools discourse forum.

#recipes: If you have a question about a current recipe or you need help with developing a new recipe you should ask them under recipes category.

#web-app: Pollination web application is still under development but it shouldn’t stop you to ask your questions and give us feedback about our web application. Use this category to let use know all your comments and questions about the web application.