When does early adopter / beta access end? and will I be charged on pay as you go rate for data use?

Hi Pollination users,

I have a basic level account and I’m using the grasshopper plugin and getting the following error:

  1. Error calling CreateArtifact: {“detail”:“Not authorized: Quota of type: “storage” has exhausted limit of: 5,000,000,000.0 with usage of: 234,352,136,215.0”}

Quick check of my pollination cloud stats and I’m way over my run limit and storage limit, so I have a few questions.

  1. Is the above error a result of me going over my storage limit or something else?
  2. Can I continue using pollination? - everything seems to have frozen
  3. Has the beta / early adopter period ended?
  4. Will I be charged for the amount I’ve gone over? as this would come as a bit of a surprise!

Many thanks for your help,

Hi @shano,

We have implemented the limits and quotes in both staging and production but it should have not been enforced to your account. I believe this is a bug on our side which we will resolve for your account.

To answer your questions:

  1. It is because of the storage limit but as I said it should not be enforced for now until we end the beta access period. You can see all the quota under the subscription tab under your profile page → Pollination Cloud App
  2. Yes. You should be able to continue using Pollination as soon as we resolve the issue.
  3. No. It has not ended. We will communicate the end of the period on Discourse clearly before we make the switch.
  4. No. Not until we end the beta access and you buy a paid account. After we switch to paid, and if you don’t want to buy a paid account you have to delete your jobs/projects to unfreeze your account and be back under the quota that are available for the starter tier.

Sorry again! I’m assigning @antoinedao to this topic. He will help you as soon as he can. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hi @mostapha, thanks for the speedy response clarifying! - very helpful :slight_smile: it would also be useful to know a (very rough) timeline for when the beta access is going to come to an end, i.e. are we days/weeks/months/years away? - cheers, Shane

Hi @shano, it is different for each product. The beta access for the Rhino plugin will end in a few weeks. The date for cloud computing is in the order of a month or two. We still have to add three features including deleting jobs that you mentioned in the other topic. The date for the Revit plugin is similar to the cloud computing unless we can finish two features sooner than that.

Thank’s for letting me know Mostapha! - sounds like a lot of work is underway in the background

Hi @shano,

I will fix this bug ASAP. It was caused by a change I made to the backend on Friday :sweat_smile:.

I’ll let you know on this post once it’s fixed! :raised_hands:

And it’s fixed! Thanks for reporting the bug to us :raised_hands: