Window recess shading

The model I’m currently trying to export has almost all of its windows recessed from the exterior wall, but when passing through the stages of pollination, the recesses are not modelled and the windows are flush with the exterior wall.
Is there a way to get the windows to become recessed from the exterior wall through pollination, or is there a way to model the shading effect of the recesses?
If not, will additional steps have to be done in revit / later to account for this?

Window Recess

Window Recess preview

Hi, @alexsdiamond,

Currently, we don’t have any plans to support adding the extra recess in the Revit model. Mainly because:

  1. In most cases the effect on the results is minimal.
  2. It is quite easy to add those to the model using a Grasshopper script or the Rhino plugin.

I know @labrosse also asked a similar question but for daylight models. Is this your concern mainly for daylight or energy simulation?

Finally, you should be able to select those faces as shade/context objects in Revit but that will be a time-consuming process. I would not recommend it!