A quick way to remove AirBoundaries

Hi @chriswmackey ,

Yes I set MergeCoplanarFaces to Yes.

Is there a command to remove the AirBoundary? in other words, change it back to the original surface type?

Hi @xavierzhou ,

I think that’s a question for @mingbo . I had thought that PO_RebuildRooms also resets the face type from AirBoundary to the default based on normal but, if not, I think @mingbo would know the best way to do it with the current commands.

I don’t think we currently have a quick workflow but I have been thinking for an excuse to bring up the idea of adding commands for selecting faces based on types. We currently only have PO_SelApertures but it can be very useful to have PO_SelWalls, PO_SellRoofCeielings, PO_SelFloors, and PO_SelAirBoundaries.

In this particular case, @xavierzhou could use the PO_SelAirBoundaries command to select all of them and then use the PO_Edit FaceProperties to change them to walls.


I like that idea, @mostapha .
@mingbo , what do you think?

This is a really good idea. I think I will add a new command PO_SelFaces with options to filter by face types, so that we don’t add so many new commands.


A new command “PO_SelRoomFaces” has been added and will be ready in the next release


Thank you, @mingbo!

@xavierzhou, you can download the latest version (v1.35.0) from Pollination and try this command. Let us know if you have any feedback.