Annual Energy Use-Not applying HVAC

Hi @mostapha @chriswmackey,

I’m trying to run a simulation with annual-energy-use.

Everything runs fine when I run locally, but when I send the same HB model to pollination the model runs with no HVAC system. I’m using annual-energy-use 0.5.5. Honeybee v 1.6.2.

I attached the HBJson submitted to the recipe.
111023_1731_CornerstoneWarehouseNECB_existing.hbjson (315.7 KB)


Hi @cameron-lawrence ,

Sorry that this issue is likely the result of the fact that I have not updated the annual-energy-use recipe in a month or so. @mingbo had been implementing a lot of fixes in Ironbug and I was waiting for things to stabilize before I updated the recipe. We haven’t had a bug report about it in three weeks so I would say it’s probably stable now.

I’ll push a new version later today and let you know when you can run a simulation with your new model.

Hi @cameron-lawrence ,

I just pushed an updated version of the annual-energy-use recipe (version 0.5.6). I verified that it runs correctly with your sample model with this test here on Pollination.

So just use version 0.5.6 of annual-energy-use and you should be good to go.

@chriswmackey thanks so much for the help!

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