Aperture geometry split using 'Detailed' window calculation

Hi all!

Just installed the newest version of the plugin for revit, and have used the detailed version of window calculation, for some reason, the geometry seems to split into 3 (occasionally more) sections when using this method. (see image)

I exported to IES using this method and they remained split into several sections.

I did another check with the simplified ration calculation, and all seemed to be ok (see below), but detailed is sometimes better.

I just wanted to ask if there was something I was missing that could be causing this, or if this is part of how the exporter now does detailed exports.

Many Thanks,

Hi @alexsdiamond - This issue is similar to this one:

We have made some improvements on the algorithm to make the parsing method more flexible, but it creates strange cases like this one. @ksobon had an initial look and in that particular model it was because there was an interior wall behind the external wall that hosted the aperture.

That said, this is something that we should take care of on our end. As you have figured out, using the simplified method for apertures resolves the problem as it will add the aperture to the face using math instead of projection.

Ah I missed that when looking through the recent topics of discussion.
Thanks for pointing me towards it.
I’ll carry on using the ratio calculation method for now, it works just fine.

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