Automated Notification for a New Release of Rhino and Revit Plugins

Hello :pollination: community,

This is a feature request that has been around for some time. @victorbrac originally asked for this feature for here, and @crduggin recently brought it up for the Revit plugin here. We also received a few private messages about getting a notification when a new version of the plugin is available. So here it is!

Revit plugin

In the Revit plugin (version 2.154.1 or newer), you should see a new button that allows you to check if a new version is available. We also check for the availability of a new release on Revit startup, and you will see a red exclamation mark next to the button if a new release is available.

Rhino plugin

In the Rhino plugin (version 1.31.5 or newer), you will see a notification at the bottom of the Rhino Pollination Panel. Similar to Revit, we run a check at the Rhino startup.


You can use the PO_CheckUpdate command to get more details about the available version.


Next steps

The next step is to provide better documentation about the changes between the releases. Until then you should check the announcements to follow the new features and fixes.

Thank you, and happy Pollinating! :pollination:


Hi @mostapha,
Wanted to report that in my case the checking at the pollination panel shows that it is "checking version" all the time. It happened that there was a newer version that wasn’t notified as described in this feature (from 1.35.5 to 1.31.6).
just to let you know.

Hi @ayezioro - Thank you for reporting this. I think we should wait and see if the issue still happens for the next upcoming release.

If you haven’t installed the latest version yet, can you check if the PO_CheckUpdate command is working as expected? That will show us if the underlying call to the server is blocked, or if it is a different issue.

Hi @mostapha ,
I have the latest version, i think: 1.31.6.
Yes, the PO_Checkupdate works as expected, also the icon in the panel does.


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