Could not find any rooms/spaces that pass specified filters

I am having issues getting pollination to work, none of the rooms in my model are showing up for me to select when I use the pollination tool. I’m guessing its my revit model but do not have a clue how to fix the issue or what the issue even is!

I have a different model that pollination does seem to work on and all the rooms show up for me to select.

@cfrank according to that image you posted, there are no Rooms/Spaces/Areas in that model.

Either they are in a linked model, or on a different Workset perhaps. Can you check that?

If they are linked in the model or on a different workset does that mean I can make a change so that they will show up in the pollination process? I’m still a novice with revit and IES, this is a coworkers model that is relatively small that I’m trying pollination on for the first time.

@cfrank Well Rooms/Spaces/Areas have to exist in the same model that you are trying to export them to IES from. If they are linked it won’t work, you would want to open the other linked model and try from there.

In terms of a Workset, I am sorry, I misspoke. I meant PHASES. Yes, if Rooms are on a non-selected phase (1st page of Pollination export dialog), then they would be ignored. Please make sure that the appropriate Phase is selected.

I found it! I was using the mechanical model where the architectural model was loaded into it, once I opened the arch model and ran pollination all the spaces came up!

Another issue I now ran into is that the models floors/levels aren’t touching each other and instead are ‘floating’. If anyone knows a video or keyword I can search for so I can use to fix this issue that would be great!

Thank you very much for the help!

Hi @cfrank, you can set the extrusion height in the step that you set the levels. I’m not behind my computer right now. I will add a screenshot and a link to the video on Pollination YouTube channel when I go back behind my computer.

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Hi again, @cfrank!

The Extrusion height for each level can be set in step 4.

Here is a short video tutorial:

Here is a longer workshop that goes through all the steps:

P.S. We are teaching a similar virtual workshop this Friday.

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My model has a basement, when I enter the height as (-12) in step 4 the pollination doesn’t seem to like this, how would I go about entering a basement negative height?

Hi @cfrank, The extrusion value should be positive even for a basement. It defines the distance between the floor and the ceiling for the level which is always positive.