Creat Job: Internal Server Error

Hi all! I think I am having the same problem here for an annual daylight analysis I’m trying to run.

What is this related to?
Thank you very much, great job you’re doing!

Hi @emilianoadam,

  • What is the version of the Grasshopper plugin that you are using?
  • Did you try to log out from Pollination and log back in? This was a timeout issue that has been resolved for some time now.

Hi @mostapha I have been using LBT 1.3.0 with Pollination for quite a while and this has never happened to me before.
Tried logging out but still wasn’t working.

Hi @emilianoadam! Sorry if my question wasn’t clear. I meant what version of the Pollination grasshopper plugin are you using? This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the grasshopper plugin. If updating the Grasshopper plug-in didn’t resolve the issue is it possible for you to share the script?

Hi @mostapha apologies for the late reply, looks like it’s working fine now - I haven’t made any changes to the script.

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