Duplicated window surfaces

Hi @mostapha,

Ive faced a similar issue for few projects where when I import the model from Revit to RH, some of the windows are duplicated while in Revit preview it seems fine and no validation errors.

which then when I import through Dfjson format, I ll get overlapping surfaces errors for few spaces, which I need to fix them manually in RH.


Looks like a parsing bug in Revit! This should have with how the curtain wall is designed. Am I right to assume that you are using the latest version of the Revit plugin? We had this issue with one of your models and fixed that one already.

@chriswmackey recently improved the validation for Dragonfly. Can you confirm that you get a validation error in Rhino though? In Rhino, the model is translated to HBJSON and we should catch this error.

You know the routine. Share the model with us and we will fix it for you quickly. I know you still have to get IT to install the new version. Sorry about that. :see_no_evil:

No, still using the older version! If it is fixed, then I ll wait till I get the newer versions installed hopefully by Christmas with the current IT speed :slight_smile: , and for now I continue fixing such issues manually :frowning:

It is one of the previous models I have already shared it with you.



Ok then! Both of the issues should be already fixed in the latest release.

Hey @mostapha and @amirtabadkani ,

Perhaps this is a good time for me to admit that the dragonfly validation checks are currently far less sophisticated than the honeybee ones, especially when it comes to these detailed windows, which are still a relatively recent addition to the dragonfly schema.

So, even if @amirtabadkani were using the latest version, he would still get the dragonfly command telling him that the windows were valid while the honeybee command would say they are not.

I guess this has just not been a very high priority because we pretty much always catch this case when the model gets translated to Honeybee. But I can see that we’re relying more on dragonfly validation to be the first line of defense these days so I will try to add a check in the dragonfly command for these detailed windows when I get the chance.

Just you add a small detail here, the issue with the duplicated aperture has been resolved in the Revit parser itself. It was related to how the curtain wall was modeled.

In any case, improving the checks in dragonfly will go a long way for all the extruded geometry.

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Hey @amirtabadkani and @mostapha ,

I’m just letting you know that I added some new checks into the dragonfly validation process, which will catch illegal window parameters like the ones we encountered here:

These warning messages should show up automatically when exporting from Revit or importing from Rhino but I also added a new “DF Validate Model” component that will show you the issue if you plug in a Dragonfly model or the path to a DFJSON file: