Exporting Columns from Pollination Revit to eQuest

There’s one more thing I have noticed while translating the model to eQuest. When we have structural elements like columns in the model, the model does not get translated into the INP file(I think there comes problems in room boundaries that eQuest INP doesn’t understand). So what I do, for now, I remove all columns from the model and then export the model. Is there a better way to do it?

Hi @hamzamunawar1050,

If you want to remove them, you can use an area threshold and they will be removed automatically.

If you want to keep them, then you have to deal with the eQuest limitation for including holes in a building footprint. In that case, you have to model them similarly to what eQuest wizard does for a building with a courtyard.

Image credit: @tfedyna

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