Free Trial and Educational Licenses

Hi @mostapha ,

I recently registered for Pollination Cloud and planned to use Pollination Rhino Plugin free trial. However, when I installed the plugin, it didn’t provide any trial keys. In Rhino, when I logged into my Pollination Cloud account, it gave me an error message saying no licenses were available. Could you please let me know how to access the free trial version?

I’m also very interested in purchasing an educational license. I have been emailing the sales a couple of times but there have been no responses. Sorry for posting a license question in technical discourse. Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi @smalltownboy/Wei,

When you install the plugin for the first time it should give you 14 days trial period. During those days you shouldn’t need any trial key, and the trial license should be valid. If you can send me the computer name, I can check the status of the license for you. You can send it to me as a private message.

That’s on me! Sorry about the delay. I should be able to get back to you soon.

Thanks @mostapha for the quick response!
I just had my teammate try out the Pollination Rhino plugin using the same installer file, and the free trial seems to be working fine on their PC.
I’m using Windows on VMware - that might be the reason the free trial doesn’t work on my end.

That can be the source of the issue. See the discussion here. Do you get the same error?