Issues for running the HBJSON generated from an IFC file

Hey Mustapha,

We actually also had another problem, which we would like to have your opinion on. Once we generated the model appropriately, we could not use it in the Grasshopper environment and got an error which we couldnt find a solution for, in any of the ladybug tool forums. Could you please help us understanding what it means ?

Error: 1. Solution exception:Failed to run OpenStudio CLI:marshal data too short

Hi, @abdellahnt - Welcome to the forum!

  1. Have you tried to run the validation command and see if the input file is valid?
  2. If it passes the validation, can you share the file with us? It’s hard to guess only from the error message.

Hey @mostapha,

As you´ve suggested, we have run the validation command and the file passes the validation test.

But, we are getting the following error: 1. ** Severe ** CheckWarmupConvergence: Loads Initialization, Zone=“ROOM_10” did not converge after 25 warmup days.

Here is the HBJSON file that is generated:
Enegy_file.hbjson (430.3 KB)

Hello again @mostapha,

We solved the error for energy simulation. But, now, the problem is with the Room Energy result. Even though the model is running, we are not getting any results for energy simulation as seen in the screenshot attached.

We have added the “Global Construction Set” and “Global Modifier Set” values to the HBJSON file. Is there anything else that must be added? I have also attached the grasshopper script for your view. How should we go about performing the simulation? (39.5 KB)
2level.hbjson (91.6 KB)

Hi @ramana, great to know that you responded the issue. At this point it’s not really a Pollination question. I’ll believe the reason you don’t get any outputs is because you haven’t set them up as simulation parameters. You can find examples of how to set this up from Ladybug Tools Discourse forum.

@mostapha I am sorry I could not find something relevant to what you said in Ladybug tools discourse forum. It would be great if you can help me with a link to a GH file. Thanks a lot!

Hey @ramana ,

The critical things that you need to add to a model in order to get reasonable energy results are the ProgramType, which dictates how the space is used and when various appliances are on, and an HVAC system, which dictates how the space is heated and/or cooled. I see that neither of these are assigned in either of the models that you uploaded, meaning the space is essentially an un-used, un-conditioned plenum: (17.7 KB)

The ConstructionSet is also important to check but you can still get energy use results without choosing the best construction set. I might recommend watching this tutorial series on the fundamentals of energy modeling to get a better sense of how these properties are used in energy simulation (especially videos 6 and above):


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