Non watertight object

Hi, I’m having problems loading OMS files in the Rhino pollination plugging.
I’m getting the Non-watertight object warning.
My first guess was that my files had some illegal characters or some small hole even when those run perfectly on Energy plus or openstudio.
So Id downloaded an hbjson model from pollination cloud to test it on the Rhino pollination plugging.
It gives me the Non-watertight object warning.
Either if Id load hbjason file strait to the Rhino scene or if Id baked from grasshoper pollination model.
Looks like child surfaces are Naked edges on the Rhino scene.

0.5_1.hbjson (1.1 MB)
hbjason_sin_grid.hbjson (110.0 KB)

Hi @sobradopablo, I opened your HBJSON file with the latest version of the Rhino plugin and it works with no issues:

There was a single face for a floor which I had to delete but the main room is imported with no issues.

Here is the Revit model - as you can see there are no issues with the model.

You can download the developer version from here:

Thanks, it has been a hard week trying to solve this!!! :wink: