PO Model commands missing from Rhino after installation

Today i tried to update honeybee-energy to get the new generator package for PVs. I followed steps via Home · ladybug-tools/lbt-grasshopper Wiki · GitHub to install. Inside the installation_instructions.txt it said that I could use the single-click installer at Pollination Grasshopper Plugin.

After doing this, using installer version 1.40.2 I no longer have access to tools in pollination such as the PO Model object. Will try to re-install using installer ver 1.37.3 and will post an update.

Hi @tylermcw, Welcome to the forum! :wave:

The new generator package hasn’t made it to the official release yet. Using the Pollination installer won’t give you access to those components yet. I can create a new release that should include the latest Ladybug Tools installer, if @chriswmackey confirms that the latest version of the lBT installer is in a stable place.

Not being able to see the Pollination command after using the Pollination Grasshopper plugin is expected. The Pollination Grasshopper plugin is meant to be used by the users who don’t have the Pollination Rhino plugin. It removes the existing Pollination Rhino installation if any. Make sure that you use the Pollination Rhino plugin instead.

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Hey @mostapha ,

The Ladybug Tools work is in a stable place. I just triggered a release of the LBT installer yesterday so you should be good to go to trigger releases of the Pollination installers.

thank you for the speedy replies. I believe my issue is just that I installed the grasshopper plugin instead of the rhino one by mistake :sweat_smile: - I’m just waiting on IT to reinstall for me but will report back asap.

@tylermcw, if the IT is not going to be mad at you :upside_down_face: ask them to install the latest version of the Rhino plugin (v1.40.3). It comes with the latest version of Ladybug Tools that includes the new PV components.

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