PO_RebuildRooms' RebuildFaces arg is missing from the documentation

Was just seeking clarification on the RebuildFaces argument of the PO_RebuildRooms command;

While very well may be user error/misconception;
It appears that the language of the PO_RebuildRooms command may not align with the current documentation? perhaps args 1,3 are reversed in the command vs the docs?

Once Mingbo provides a better explanation for all the options I can record a video tutorial for this.

Thanks @tfedyna, and sorry for the late reply.

@chriswmackey found a bug in this PO_RebuildRooms command when switching each option on and off. Basically, all user’s inputs were ignored and it just runs with default values. I have fixed it and it will be included in the new version that will be released later today.

Meanwhile, I just updated the old documentation to match the new options.

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Hi, @mingbo! Thanks.

Can you remind me why did we add the option for rebuilding faces? And when does it make sense to use it? That’s something that might make sense to also add to the documentation.

There are some cases where it is hard to fix an invalid room when everything seems correct. In Grasshopper we often to deconstruct breps and rejoin them together in order to fix these situations. This RebuildFaces option does this: recreate planar faces from edges and join them back to solid geometry while not losing any metadata.

This has been resolved in version 1.9.1. See here for more information: