PO_SunPath command doesn't accept the URL

Hi Mostapha,

You mentioned the Pollination Environmental apps are ‘private’ and not for customer use when I reported technical issues preventing them working, although Chris had set up lots of guidance and marketing messaging saying Pollination apps are a major selling point - which is right?

Can you clarify why the PO apps are advertised on this platform and included in the Pollination download, but ‘aren’t to be used by people’? as you said in your email.

You also mentioned the issue with the PO not finding the EPW works for you when I reported it, which is great for you, but it still doesn’t work for me and I was hoping you could help me fix the issue. It’s unlikely to be a user error as I’m simply doing what the app prompts me to do and it causes an error. I’ve installed the latest version as of about 10days ago, which fixed a few bugs then, but this bug is new (it was working ok last week).

Hi @robm,

There is a confusion here. By Pollination Apps I refer to the apps that can be found on this page. Apps are still beta, and we have never mentioned them as a major selling point of the Rhino plugin. They are a great solution for building your in-house custom solutions. I made the sunpath app private so it doesn’t become an issue.

This is something that we can help you resolve and is related to Rhino Plugin Commands for Environmental Analyses.

I was able to recreate the issue. It looks like if you press Ctrl+V then there is an additional _Paste input that confuses the command. If you right-click and paste everything should work. Here is a short recording that shows the other two options.

We haven’t made any changes to the commands. Most likely you used the right-click option last week.

@chriswmackey, I consider this a bug. Fortunately, there are workarounds but something to take a closer look at whenever you get a chance.

The Ctrl+V option doesn’t work for pasting the URL.

Hey @robm ,

You need to paste the URL into the command line with right-click:

Pasting a URL

I looked through McNeel’s documentation and, from what I found, McNeel does not support using Cntrl+V to paste text into the Rhino command line. So, if this is “a bug,” then you might consider this a bug in Rhino and not really one in Pollination. So maybe we should open a topic on the McNeel forum asking for a feature request.

Granted, pasting the URL is not really the recommended way to assign an EPW URL for the Environmental Analysis commands since the best way is to use the PO_ProjectInfo command to set the default EPW URL used for all of the Environmental Analysis commands.

If this ends up being something that really confuses people, maybe we can take out this whole optional step of “paste a URL” and just give a message to tell people to run the PO_ProjectInfo command to set up the EPW.

I stand corrected. There might be a way to do this that I don’t understand yet. I can see that some of the native Rhino commands let me paste numerical inputs tiwh Ctrl + V. Let me investigate more.

Hey @mostapha and @robm ,

I realized that, in Rhino 8, using Ctrl + V to paste the URL poses no issues for me:

CtrlV Works in Rhino 8

I can only recreate the issue in Rhino 7. Can you both confirm that you are currently using Rhino 7? Can you also confirm that you are able to use Ctrl + V in Rhino 8 (if you have it installed)?

If so, I’ll see if I can push a patch for the Rhino 7 case.

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Thank you, @chriswmackey! Yes, and yes. I was using Rhino 7, and the Ctrl + V works fine in Rhino 8.


Thanks for confirming, @mostapha .

I made a little progress but I was not able to get all of the way to getting Rhino 7 to behave like Rhino 8 so I just opened an issue on the McNeel forum:

If I get a response from them that lets us use Ctrl + V to paste the URL in Rhino 7, I will implement it.

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Judging by Dale’s answer on the McNeel end, it seems like the response is just going to be “upgrade to Rhino 8 if you want this Ctrl + V support”. I’ll see if we get any other responses.

I have to imagine that practically all professional offices should be using Rhino 8 by the end of this year anyway.

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If it’s alright with everyone, I think I’m going to un-assign myself from this issue and we will leave the answer at “use Rhino 8 if you want Ctrl + V functionality.”

Thanks again for bringing this up, @robm .