Revit cannot run the external application | Invalid Operation Exception


I installed Pollination for Revit 2023, when starting the Revit app i get this error:

Anyone have similar issues? I did come across this one:

But did not solve my issue unfortunately.

Hi @tk1,

Thank you for posting the issue and sharing the screenshot. This looks like a different issue. There is an error in casting the type.

@mingbo do you know why this might be happening?

I looked into the code in both the Revit plugin and Eto. They all look fine to me.
Is it possible that you have the RhinoInsideRevit installed and somehow it has a different version of Eto that conflicts with the library that comes with the Revit plugin?

Hi and thanks @mostapha and @mingbo.

I had a lot of different add-ins installed and deleted all of them as @ksobon recommended.

This did work! Not sure which add-inn created the problem, but it was not RhinoInsideRevit.