Revit Crashes when gbXML export due to Construction

I am experiencing a total Revit crash when attempting to export the Revit Pollination model in a gbXML format. I am able to export the same model as an HBJson without issue.

Here is the dumpdata from the crash if it is any help. (1.7 MB)

Hi @JustinShultz, Thank you for reporting the issue.

Did you try to load and translate the HBJSON file to gbXML from inside the Rhino plugin? They basically use the same methodology under the hood.

If you can share the HBJSON file with us privately I can also try it on my side.

I exported and opened the HBJSON file in Rhino 7 but when I try to load the Pollination model in GH for DumpGBXML I receive an error. I made a custom construction set for the building in Revit Pollination before exporting but now I’m receiving an error message about that material.

The error message is:
Solution exception:Failed to apply energy properties to the Model: Typical Insulated Steel Framed Exterior Wall-R19

I’m not sure I’m allowed to privately share the file given the project security requirements. I will need to check and let you know.

Hi @JustinShultz, Thank you for the detailed information about the problem.

You can just use the SaveAs functionality in Rhino to save your model as gbXML. There is no need to use the Grasshopper to do that.

That might be why the export is failing. If we can create an isolated example that represents the issue it will be really helpful. Something like exporting a single room with the construction that might be causing the issue.

@chriswmackey, can you provide more insight on why this issue might be happening?

@mostapha I think we’re onto something here. When I tried exporting the GBXML via save-as in Rhino 7 I received the following error.


This is what the construction set looks like in the Revit menus:

  "type": "ConstructionSetAbridged",
  "wall_set": {
    "type": "WallConstructionSetAbridged",
    "exterior_construction": "Typical Insulated Steel Framed Exterior Wall-R19",
    "ground_construction": "Typical Insulated Basement Mass Wall"
  "floor_set": {
    "type": "FloorConstructionSetAbridged",
    "exterior_construction": "Typical Insulated Steel Framed Exterior Floor-R3",
    "ground_construction": "Typical Insulated Carpeted 8in Slab Floor"
  "roof_ceiling_set": {
    "type": "RoofCeilingConstructionSetAbridged",
    "exterior_construction": "Typical IEAD Roof - Highly Reflective-R21"
  "aperture_set": {
    "type": "ApertureConstructionSetAbridged",
    "window_construction": "U 0.5 SHGC 0.25 Simple Glazing Window",
    "skylight_construction": "Window_U_0.75_SHGC_0.35_Skylight_Frame_Width_2.339_in",
    "operable_construction": "U 0.5 SHGC 0.25 Simple Glazing Window"
  "door_set": {
    "type": "DoorConstructionSetAbridged",
    "exterior_construction": "Typical Insulated Metal Door-R2",
    "overhead_construction": "Typical Overhead Door-R1",
    "exterior_glass_construction": "U 0.5 SHGC 0.25 Simple Glazing Window"
  "identifier": "2013::ClimateZone1::SteelFramed",
  "display_name": "2013::ClimateZone1::SteelFramed"


  "type": "OpaqueConstructionAbridged",
  "materials": [
    "25mm Stucco",
    "5/8 in. Gypsum Board",
    "Typical Insulation-R17",
    "5/8 in. Gypsum Board"
  "identifier": "Typical Insulated Steel Framed Exterior Wall-R19",
  "display_name": "Typical Insulated Steel Framed Exterior Wall-R19"

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Excellent! This should give us enough information to recreated the error on our side and fix it for you.

Here were my export settings as well if it’s any help.

It’s pretty clear from the validation error that the model isn’t being exported with the construction definitions. So Revit is Exporting the ConstructionSet definition but it’s not exporting the Construction definitions that the ConstructionSet references.

So it’s definitely an invalid HBJSON that’s being produced by the .NET bindings. @mingbo would probably know more.

Thanks @chriswmackey!

@JustinShultz, based on @chriswmackey’s command this is a bug for exporting custom construction sets from Revit. I think a quick fix would be to fix the construction set inside Rhino. The UI is the same and I hope it is not too much work but that should make it possible to export the model to gbXML correctly.

@asisnath, did you face such an issue when using custom construction sets? Or I assume you didn’t have to deal with this since you didn’t use the gbXML exporter.

@mostapha I have not faced this issue yet as I have not exported gbxml file yet. But I am having issues loading custom defined constructions.

Hi @asisnath the issue with loading custom constructions should just be fixed in the latest development of the Rhino plugin. Please take a look at the new installer, and let us know if you have any issues with it.

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Hi @JustinShultz and @asisnath, we have a new release of the Revit plugin which should resolve this issue. Here is the link to download the new version.

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Hi @mostapha . Thanks for sharing the update. I installed it and could see the new UI with correctly reading custom user data. But unfortunately still I am not able to assign any data set inside revit UI. I can confirm this is the same issue which I was facing in Rhino plugin a week ago

Hi @asisnath, Thank you for quickly testing this.

Can you give me a short setp-by-step approach to reproduce this issue. @ksobon and I can use that to ensure the problem is fully resolved. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back @mostapha
First I opened the room properties dialogue to assign user defined construction set. and assigned One user defined Construction set as shown below. Then I clicked ok

In the Left hand corner I don’t see any construction set applied.

Then again I clicked room properties and the construction set dialogue
is back to Global Construction set.

Hope I was clear a bit!

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I see! Now the issue is crystal clear. Thanks!

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@asisnath can we get a sample model that you are using here?

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hi @ksobon. Have shared the model in inbox.

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This should be fixed in version 2.35.0 and higher which you can download now from the announcement post:

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