Rhino plugin - Read Energy parameters from grasshopper


For my next project I wanted use rhino pollination to set up the geometry

but set the energy parameters highlighted in grasshopper.

Example of part of script assigning loads connected to po_room.

But in notice that in the results summary. These loads are not accounted.

When I uncheck the program loads - I need to select a program type from the inbuilt program type but I would like it to read these values from my grasshopper script.

Does the rhino plugin have the capacity to read energy parameters from within grasshopper, the way it can read HVAC?

Yes, but you have to bake the model from Grasshopper back into Rhino to have the properties that you assigned in Grasshopper show up in the Pollination Rhino model.

To do this, use the PO Model component, connect your edited Honeybee Model, right-click on the PO Model and select “Bake”. Then, you can replace the current Model that you have in Rhino with the one you have edited in Grasshopper.

Note that this workflow is different than what @mingbo and @mostapha have been working on for HVAC, where you’re using Grasshopper to edit the HVAC that is directly linked to the Pollination Rhino model.

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Thank you for providing this work flow.
I tested it with Room A - shown in snapshot with no energy parameters

Following is the script used to add energy parameters to the room in grasshopper. Here I was trying to add program loads

I baked the PO_Model component using 2 methods.

  1. Merge with new ID
    Which seems to have updated the HVAC category - Not sure where the program loads have been added

  2. Replace
    Produces same results as merge with new ID

Added a HVAC template to the ends of the script and baked PO_Model to replace existing geometry

Seems to have replaced HVAC category

Cannot check the properties.

I tried to find this component in the manual but it doesn’t seem to be present.

Do you have any other recommendations to aid the workflow.? I will be adding construction set to the script. Also can half the energy parameters be added in the rhino plugin and half in grasshopper ?

You are assigning the loads directly to the Room, essentially overwriting whatever a ProgramType would dictate. If you want to assign a program instead of overwriting the loads, use the HB Apply ProgramType component.

@mingbo can explain how the detailed HVAC works but he’s working on tutorial videos now and it may be most effective to wait for those.

@upawarcannon, I uploaded a new video tutorial that walks you through the updated custom HVAC workflow.

The custom HVACs are only editable if the Grasshopper definition is part of the model.

If I understand the workflow that you have in mind correctly, it is probably easier to create your program types, and other custom resources with Grasshopper, add them to your user library, and then load them from the Rhino interfaces. @chriswmackey recently recorded a video series that shows the process.


@mostapha This is very helpful. Thank you.