Suggestion for reverse Constructions on Rhino PLugin

hi @chriswmackey

As I build reverse constructions for two adjacent surfaces, I was thinking of a helpful feature after Duplicate, there could be a sorting feature to reverse order of materials.
So far I have been taking a screenshot of the construction order, duplicating, erasing all materials and adding them one by one in the reverse order.

Unless that feature already exists and the feature I actually need are glasses…

Hi @olivierdambron ,

A workflow to automatically reverse the material layers of a construction sounds really useful. Adding this as an option on the construction manager UI would be particularly apprrporiate.

@mingbo , do you agree and do you think you might be able to work in a “Reverse” button on the construction manager UI?

Hi @olivierdambron @chriswmackey in the new version, the PO_SolveAdjacency automatically creates a new reversed construction when it is needed. Do you think this would address your problem? Or do you really need a UI to create the reversed construction manually?

@mingbo thanks for looking into this

The reason I brought up this matter is the following.
Say I have a construction for the Slab that I assign to both floor and ceiling :

Ceiling assigned

Floor assigned


When I validate, I get errors of mismatching constructions.

I checked the Rhino Plugin version and it seems I have the latest .
Am I using it wrong?

Hi @olivierdambron ,

It’s possible that the recent change Mingbo made to the PO_SolveAdjacency command only works with constructions assigned directly to Faces and not using ConstructionSets assigned to the Room. He can clarify when he gets the chance.

In any event, when you have assigned the same asymmetric construction to a floor and ceiling like that, the two are in conflict with one another since it’s ambiguous which side of the construction is meant to be the floor for the room above and which is meant to be the ceiling for the room below (they are not in reversed order from eachother). For people who want to set up their asymmetric constructions in a ConstructionSet like what you have, I can see value in a UI button to automatically create the reversed construction.

Also, @mingbo , is there a convention that we can use to ensure that the SolveAdjacency assigns the constructions facing the correct direction? For example, do we use a convention where, if one of the adjacent Faces has a construction assigned directly to it but the other does not (it’s set by the construction set), the one that is assigned takes precedence and auto-assigns the reversed one for the adjacent Face? This way, we can assign a construction to all of the interior Floors for example and SolveAdjacnecy will automatically assign the reversed one to all of the ceilings.

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Thanks both, they all make sense, I will add an option to support creating a reversed construction with UI.

PO_SolveAdjacency command actually already does it now.

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@mingbo @chriswmackey

So If I made my own construction set, the way to get the floor/ceiling adjacencies to work, as a work around, would be to not have a construction added to one or the other?

Also, is there a document that describes what is in each construction set? I tried looking in Big Ladder but either I searched incorrectly or I don’t know what I should be looking for. For example, in Floor Set or Roof Set, what defines Interior vs. Ground?


Hey @brentwatanabe ,

Ideally, if you are using ConstructionSet to assign interior constructions, you want the interior ceiling construction to have materials in reversed order from the interior floor construction. And you would want the interior wall construction to be symmetrical (eg. gypsum, stud gap, gypsum). This is how all of the construction sets that get shipped with Pollination are set up and it means that you can apply the construction set across multiple rooms and not end up with conflicts in the interior material layers.

Granted, it is possible to get valid models using construction sets that don’t have their material layers internally consistent as long as you’re applying different construction sets to different rooms. But this is a rare case. More often, when you have a case where interior walls are not symmetrical or the ceiling/floor adjacency is not something consistent across all floors of the model, you can assign constructions specifically to each Face of the model, which will override whatever is assigned by the parent Room construction set. As long as you make sure the material layers of adjacent Faces are in reversed order from one another, your model will be valid and the EnergyPlus simulation will succeed.

ConstructionSet is primarily an OpenStudio object and does not exist in E+. Admittedly, our ConstructionSet implementation in Ladybug Tools is slightly different from OpenStudio’s but you can see that we document it all here on our Wiki.

@chriswmackey Ahh, it was the RoofCeiling nomenclature I was confused about. That diagram helps tremendously. Sorry for not checking there first.

If I had 3 interior floor with 3 different constructions, I’d have to assign each face separately then right? Or I guess make 3 different construction sets? 1 for each level? IE First floor is a wood floor, 2nd floor is carpeted, and 3rd floor/Attic is unfinished.

Hey @brentwatanabe . Yes, that is correct. Probably the simplest way to handle the case of 3 interior floors with 3 different constructions is just to assign the constructions on the face level and just use a single construction set for all of the constructions that the 3 floors have in common. But the 3 different construction sets could also work if you really want to assign everything on the Room level.

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