Window - Glazing splits on editing family


I have been working on exporting a revit model using pollination.
One of the window types has a fixed pane and a operable pane side by side, and louvers (opaque pane) at the top as shown below.

I had to edit the family type for this. (the operable pane was shown as opaque - which was actually a glass).

So, on exporting, I am facing this issue. The glazing is getting split into multiple surfaces.

Is there any tips or tricks to correct this?

Thanks in advance

In addition to @lavanyanayak question, this is just another example of how multiple panes are splitting into different parts unexpectedly. It would be great to know if there is a way to prevent this from happening.


Hi @lavanyanayak, @hlkocalioglu, Thank you for posting the issue. Sorry that it took me a day to get back to you on this. I wanted to create some images to better explain the problem and our upcoming solution for it. We are aware of this issue and have been working on it to come up with a better solution. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as I hoped it to be.

The source of the issue is that - unlike the curtain walls - the Revit plugin tries to export the whole window as a single aperture. It also includes all the geometry (glass or no-glass) in the process.

The first issue can be resolved by selecting the correct materials for each window.

But if your window has multiple pieces of glass you will get a strange shape unless they create a clean rectangular bounding box. To address this issue we are adding support to export each pane of glass separately.

This will solve the problem if each piece of the glass is modeled as its own separate solid/extrusion. Here are the before and after.

But if they are a single geometry then you need to edit the family and align them. That is at least the case for now. For example for something like this, you have to use Edit Extrusion to align the lines to get a clean window. Note how they have been merged into a single pane of glass. To keep them separate they have to be modeled as separate extrusions.

In addition, we added a command to Rhino to help fix these cases quickly in Rhino. It is called PO_RebuildAperturesDoors. It has options to create a clean rectangle from the polygons.

This will be available in the upcoming release but I can share the installer with you, in case you are interested in giving it a try. If you share your sample model, I can record a video that shows how to use the feature.

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Hi @mostapha- Count me in for giving it a go.


Hi @mostapha, I could give a try as well :slight_smile: