Post processing is difficult due to renamed Room names

Hi all

having a hard time to work with results.
In this case it is caused by UUID names which are time consuming to relocate within the model.

If I type 7c27 in the Filter there are no results.

My work around for the moment is to keep part of the random names, but that’s only a partially helpful

Hi @martin6, We are fully aware of this problem and have started the process to mitigate it. @chriswmackey can provide more information on where we are in the process.

cc: @mingbo

Hi @martin6,

I have added searching capability for object’s IDs here. It is only limited to the top-level object’s ID, such as Rooms, OrphanedFaces, OrphanedShades, etc. Hope this helps a bit.
The searching format for ID is “ID=Your ID”

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A new developer’s version 1.124.2 has been released.

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Hi @martin6 ,

Hopefully Mingbo’s enhancement gives you what you need in the Rhino plugin. When matching results in Grasshopper, it’s probably easiest to load the Honeybee model into Grasshopper from Rhino and use the HB Color Rooms component to help you match the EnergyPlus outputs to the geometry. For the Room peak loads that you have in your screenshot, the workflow takes a few more components but the order of the rooms as they are listed in the model should match the order of the results coming out of the HVAC sizing component. So you can color the geometry with the results using the workflow that you see here:


I just wanted to add as a reference that @antonellodinunzio also added a sample Python Script that can be used with the Rhino plugin to find sub-faces using the ID until we have this solution integrated into the Rhino plugin as a core feature:

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