Revit plugin - Version 2.76.4

I am excited to announce the public release of the Revit plugin version 2.76.4 for some special features and bug fixes. This version includes two of the most requested features for the Revit plugin.


Notable Fixes

  • In cases where the level elevation and project elevation were different the apertures were exported in an incorrect elevation. Here is an example. This is now fixed!

  • The 3D viewer didn’t work on some machines. This was because of how different versions of PowerShell handle the same command. This is now fixed!

Other Changes

  • Added better UI indicators when no room is selected.
  • Improved the logging to log every command and the full report for better debugging.

I want to share a special shoutout to @blkkz, @jakechevriersg, @victorbrac, @amirtabadkani, and @labrosse for their contributions to this release by providing feedback and reporting bugs. :raised_hands:

Happy pollinating!