Rhino Plugin How To Copy Apertures

I have a repeating aperture pattern that I would like to copy from one room to other rooms on an elevation. I drew the first set of apertures using PO_DrawAperture. Is there a way to duplicate these apertures onto another room in an elevation?

Hi @justinshultz,

Before having the Draw commands the approach was to copy them as Rhino geometry and then use the PO_AddApertures command to add them. I copied @mingbo to see if we can come up with a better solution that works with the new commands.

For now, here is how I would do it by falling back to the PO_AddApertures command:

  1. Turn off room selection mode so you can select the apertures easily.


  2. Select the apertures and run the DupBorder command. It should generate closed curves for all the selected apertures.

  3. Then run the PlanarSrf command to create surfaces from those curves.

  4. Press delete to delete all the curves.

  5. Now turn the room selection mode back on to make it easier to select the newly created faces.

  6. Select the faces and move/copy them to the new zone.

  7. Use the PO_AddApertures command to add them to the zone.

It’s not the most elegant solution but it will work. Here is a video:

Hello - @mostapha
To confirm, was there any progress on allowing copy of an existing aperture? Copy does not seem to be supported. Clip below.

I think this is one of those cases that we didn’t implement because there is an easy workaround. @mingbo can provide a better and more comprehensive answer.

Also, I suggest using the isolate command to isolate a few rooms in your model before trying to copy the aperture. :grinning:

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We added a new command for copying apertures in version 1.9.1: PO_DupApertures. See here for more information:

Thank you for bringing this up!


For future readers, I think the command is “PO_DupApertures”.

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